Lightly Worker 2.10.2 Release Notes

Recommended PIP version with Lightly Worker 2.10.2 is 1.4.24

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  • The Lightly Worker now also runs properly on CPU only machines
  • Some formatting improvements in the pdf report

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented team members from seeing datasets from other members if they are not admin
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash of the worker if for datapool runs the initial-tag in the UI was renamed before the run. This bug only affected runs using the datapool and only if the initial-tag was renamed.
  • Fixed a bug during report generation that caused a key error and crashed the Lightly Worker
  • Bug fix that caused the worker to crash with a message like The number of FixedLocator locations because the category names of metadata or predictions were shortened and ended up with the same short code.
  • Bug fix that crashed the worker with an error message like Something went wrong while generating the report: Undefined font: lato_lightI because special characters like - or _ were used in the dataset name or the task name. The characters are now properly escaped and work again.