Lightly Worker 2.11.4 Release Notes

Recommended Lightly Python Client version with Lightly Worker 2.11.4 is 1.5.3

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  • We've improved how we do the corruption check and calculate metadata. This results in massive speedups, especially when working with 4k/8k images and videos (up to 10x speedup).
  • When using predictions, the Lightly Platform now enables you to sort and colorize based on meta information within your predictions, such as the total number of objects, total number of objects of class X, or group by class in the samples, correlation and embeddings view.
  • When corrupt images/frames occur, we report better information on why they are considered corrupt.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a mismatch in the number of samples in the API and the embeddings could occur.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in no valid predictions found.
  • Fixed tables in the report to additionally include information about the datapool.
  • General improvements and more precise error messages.