Lightly Worker 2.7.1 Release Notes

Recommended PIP version with Lightly Worker 2.7.1 is 1.4.6

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  • Added a new corruptness check for video frames that reduces false positive rate significantly. See docs for more info.

Performance improvements

  • Image operations now use AVX2 vector instructions instead of SSE4. This can speedup the overall worker when using larger images.

Bug fixes

  • 2.7 introduced a new dataloader mechanism for corruption check and upload of the selected samples. This dataloader can have timeouts when working with longer videos RuntimeError: DataLoader timed out after 300 seconds. This bug has been resolved.
  • 2.7 introduced a new way of computing metadata. We optimised the code to utilize newer CPUs with vector instructions and use more parallelisation. Unfortunately, the new setup also handled edge cases differently. When working with very small images or uniform colored ones you could have faced this error: fileName must be defined. This has been resolved.
  • The UI had an older bug that resulted in not properly flushing the browser cache and weird behaviour (thumbnails not loaded properly or artefacts not being downloaded). This issue has been resolved.
  • The UI faced a bug where the thumbnails of the scatterplot had a weird offset in certain situations.