Lightly Worker 2.7.3 Release Notes

Recommended PIP version with Lightly Worker 2.7.3 is 1.4.8

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  • Lightly now supports having teams
    • Working together in a team: you can no closely work together with your colleges and assign them a role which grant them different permissions. These permissions are eg. automatically being able to view and edit datasets and runs of other team members without the need to specifically share the dataset. Currently, everyone of your team is an owner, so we advise you to review the roles and make adjustments where needed in the preferences page.
    • Service accounts: Oftentimes runs are triggered automatically through pipelines in a CI fashion and belong to the team and not an individual user. For this reason we've created a new user type called a service account. Whatever a service account does, a member of your team can automatically view and work with the dataset as if it their own.
  • The new corruption metric uniformRowRatio is now visualised in the UI

Performance improvements

  • Using of shared memory for image datasets when embedding reduces the overall memory consumption when working on machines with multiple CPU cores.
  • Data upload time has been reduced by up to 33% when working with object crops.

Bug fixes

  • UI had an infinite loading screen when filtering for a filename that does not exist and was not usable anymore.
  • Handling of NaN values when computing lightly metadata during the corruption check could result in errors later on during upload