Analyze the Selection Results

There are many ways to analyze the results of a Lightly Worker run. As a first step, you can view and explore the dataset interactively in the Lightly Platform. Head to the docs about how to analyze and filter in the Lightly Platform for more information.

You can also share the datasets with other members of your team (either through the UI or automatically through code). Check out our Collaboration section for more information.


Embedding view of a dataset in the Lightly Platform.

Analysis with a Report and Artifacts

Each Lightly Worker run creates a report and several run artifacts, which can be used to get further insights. The report also shows comparisons between the input data and the selected samples of a run. Head to Outputs for more information.

You can also export the dataset or the filenames.

Using the Lightly Platform with Local Storage

If you are using local storage and want to visualise the selected data in the Lightly Platform/web-app, you can do so using the lightly-serve command. Point the input_mount and the lightly_mount to the same directories you mounted to the Docker container in Install Lightly. More information on lightly-serve can be found in the chapter on Local Storage.


Note, if you're running lightly-serve on a remote machine, make sure to forward the port to the machine you're accessing the Lightly Platform with.

lightly-serve input_mount=/MY/PATH/TO/INPUT/DIRECTORY lightly_mount=/MY/PATH/TO/WORKING/DIRECTORY

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