Migrating to Worker v2.4

Breaking Changes

Worker v2.4 removed outdated configuration options. Please see the list of supported Configuration Options.

Dropped Configurations

  • enable_corruptness_check has been removed. The corruption check will always be done.
  • remove_exact_duplicates has been removed. Duplicates will always be removed.
  • upload_dataset has been removed. Please use a datasource instead. For setting up a datasource and using it, see:
  • datapool.name, datapool.dataset_id and datapool.keep_history have been removed.
  • use_video_reader_backend has been removed.
  • use_redirected_read_url has been removed. The feature is automatically enabled.
  • use_frame_count_metadata has been removed. If the frame count metadata of videos is wrong, the run will break, thus it will never use them and instead compute the frame count by actually iterating over the video frames.
  • scorer and scorer_config have been removed. Please see Customize a Selection instead.
  • append_weak_labels has been removed. Please see Work with Metadata.
  • pretagging_config has been removed. If you want to balance based on predictions, head to Customize a Selection.
  • existing_selection_column_name, masked_out_column_name and active_learning_score_column_name have been removed.
    • Using Custom Embeddings is still possible, however, it will only be used for providing embeddings.
    • Samples that are already selected are handled automatically by the Datapool feature.
    • Only considering a subset of the samples in the input can be done using the Relevant Filenames feature.
    • Active learning can be done using the scores as input. If you want to provide your own scores, you can provide them as Metadata.
  • n_example_images has been removed. The report will always show 6 example images.
  • show_video_sampling_timeline has been removed. The video density plots are always included in the report.
  • pretagging_debug has been removed. Examples of pretagging are always shown.
  • memory_requirement_in_GB has been removed,

Deprecated Configurations

  • The configuration option object_level is deprecated in v2.4 and will be removed in v2.6. Please move to the new Object Diversity workflow instead.