The datasets created by the Lightly Worker can be analyzed interactively with the tools provided in the Lightly Platform. These tools include interactive histograms, scatter, and correlation plots.

For more information, head to The Lightly Platform.


Each scheduled run creates several artifacts upon execution. These artifacts are uploaded to the Lightly Platform and can be accessed with the help of the Python client.

Here’s a list of the artifacts generated by the Lightly Worker:

Download All Artifacts

The following code shows how to schedule a Lightly Worker run, wait until it has finished, and then download all artifacts to a local directory named my_run/artifacts.

scheduled_run_id = client.schedule_compute_worker_run(
        "enable_corruptness_check": True,
        "remove_exact_duplicates": True,
        "n_samples": 50,
        "strategies": [
                "input": {
                    "type": "EMBEDDINGS"
                "strategy": {
                    "type": "DIVERSITY"

# wait until the run is finished
for run_info in client.compute_worker_run_info_generator(scheduled_run_id=scheduled_run_id):

# download all artifacts to "my_run/artifacts"
run = client.get_compute_worker_run_from_scheduled_run(scheduled_run_id=scheduled_run_id)
client.download_compute_worker_run_artifacts(run=run, output_dir="my_run/artifacts")

Download Artifacts by Dataset

It’s also possible to get the artifacts by only knowing the dataset id.

# get all runs for a given dataset sorted from old to new
runs = client.get_compute_worker_runs(dataset_id=client.dataset_id)
run = runs[-1] # get the latest run

# download all artifacts to "my_run/artifacts"
client.download_compute_worker_run_artifacts(run=run, output_dir="my_run/artifacts")


The above examples show how to download all artifacts at once. It’s also possible to download each artifact on its own. To see how, please refer to the individual artifacts on the page Report above.