Lightly allows you to configure a remote datasource like Microsoft’s Azure Blob Storage. This guide will show you how to set up your Azure Blob Storage container so that Lightly can access it.

Set Up Access Policies

For the purpose of this guide, we assume you have a storage account and a container you want to use with Lightly. If you don’t have a storage account or container yet, follow the instructions here.

Follow the steps below to setup the required access policies:

  1. Go inside your storage account
  2. Go to “Security + networking” > “Shared access signature”.
  3. There, configure the access rights. Lightly requires at least read and list access for the input container. Additionally, write, AND update is necessary for the Lightly container.
  4. Make sure to tick the boxes for the required resource types (Container and Object).
  5. Set an expiry date.
  6. Click on “Generate SAS and connection string”.
  7. Copy the generated SAS token, including the “?”, and store it securely.

Configure access to Azure account.

Configure a Datasource

That's it! Head over to Datasources to see how you can configure Lightly to access your data.