When you use the Lightly Worker to select images or videos from your raw data, we refer to them individually as a sample. A sample is typically an image and has metadata information and optionally custom metadata. Depending on which workflow you have used, the sample can be a frame of a video or an image.

Samples Overview

When you navigate to the Explore view of the Lightly Platform, you can filter by filename easily and also sort by all metadata and configured custom metadata that has been provided.


Samples overview allows you to filter and sort your samples by metadata.

Select Individual Samples

When on the Explore view of the Lightly Platform, it's possible to select individual images to create a new tag. You can do so by clicking on the blue square when hovering over the sample. While holding the shift key, it's also possible to directly select a range of samples.


Selecting samples to create a new tag,

Sample Details

When clicking on any sample in the Lightly Platform, an overlay with all the information about the sample is shown. On the right side, you can find metadata, custom metadata, active learning scores, EXIF information, and to which tags the sample has been added.

By using your dataset's embeddings, we show similar samples of your dataset in the bottom half of the overlay.


The sample details shows you all the information known about an individual sample.

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