A dataset is the starting point of your journey with the Lightly Platform. A dataset contains samples which have been selected through various means from your raw data.

Create a Dataset

You can either use our open-source Lightly Python Client to create a dataset or you can create one in the Lightly Platform. A dataset can either be a video or an image dataset. We support the following file types.

Dataset Home

The dataset home gives you a brief overview of your dataset and its properties, such as the number of samples, total size, creation, and last modification date. It also shows you random samples of your dataset.

Dataset Identifier

Every dataset has a unique identifier called ‘dataset ID’. You will find it on the dataset home page or in your browser's address bar. We refer to this identifier throughout our documentation, and it is needed to work with our open-source Lightly Python Client.

Datasets Overview

In the datasets overview view, you can find all the datasets you have created and the ones shared with you by others.

What’s Next