Migrating to Worker v2.5

Breaking Changes

Server-side Config Validation

The configuration of scheduled runs will now be validated in the API when scheduling a run whereas
before, it was only validated in the Lightly Worker. This feature provides immediate feedback as the API can raise an ApiError upon encountering an invalid configuration. To ensure backwards compatibility, the validation happens on a new endpoint which means that the Lightly Worker and the Lightly Python Client need to be on compatible versions:

  • Lightly Python Client: version >= v1.3
  • Lightly Worker: version >= 2.5

To upgrade, see our docs for updating the Lightly Python Client and updating the Lightly Worker.

Compatibility Table

Lightly WorkerLightly Python ClientCompatible
v2.5 or higherv1.3 or higherYes, with config validation
v.2.4.X or lowerv1.2.X or lowerYes
v.2.4.X or lowerv1.3 or higherNo, jobs will not be picked up
v2.5 or higherv1.2.X or lowerNo, jobs will not be picked up

See the Compatibility Table for a complete list of compatible Lightly Worker and Lightly Python Client versions.

What is Validated?

  • Configuration options names are checked. E.g. specifying "enableeeee_training" raises an Error.
  • Configuration types are checked. E.g. specifying "enable_training": "string instead of bool" raises an error.
  • Access to the datasource is verified:

This verification takes some time as it reads files from your datasource. You can skip all the verification by specifying "datasource": {"bypass_verify": True} in the worker_config, see also the Configuration Options.