When working in a team, you often want to share a dataset with your co-workers or a labeling company so that both can look at the results and, e.g., analyze and filter or export the dataset.

Share Datasets

On your datasets home view, you can share your dataset with other users who have an account with Lightly. Click on the icon to open the collaboration dialog as shown below:


Easily collaborate with co-workers on your dataset.

In the collaboration dialog, you can share your dataset with other users. Just enter the email associated with the user you want to share the dataset with and confirm by clicking share. Currently, it's only possible to share a dataset as a writer role. If you require more fine-grained control (e.g., viewer or commenter), please reach out to us.


Keep an overview with which users you have shared your datasets and which rights they have.


Trust Your Friends

When sharing a dataset with others, be sure that you can trust them as they will be able to get detailed insights and secrets via the Lightly Platform or by using the open-source Lightly Python client package.


When Lightly is part of your ML pipeline, you often want to share datasets automatically with co-workers as soon as they are created. You can easily share a dataset by using our open source Lightly Python client package as shown below:

from lightly.api import ApiWorkflowClient

# Create the Lightly client to connect to the API.
client = ApiWorkflowClient(token="MY_LIGHTLY_TOKEN")

# Share a dataset with a user.
    dataset_id="MY_DATASET_ID", user_emails=["[email protected]"]

# Share dataset with a user while keep sharing it with previous users.
user_emails = client.get_shared_users(dataset_id="MY_DATASET_ID")
user_emails.append("[email protected]")
client.share_dataset_only_with(dataset_id="MY_DATASET_ID", user_emails=user_emails)

# Revoke access to all users.
client.share_dataset_only_with(dataset_id="MY_DATASET_ID", user_emails=[])